Sunday, August 21, 2011

Salam.Khastam khabar bedam ke daste cheket umade.Emruz.
from a 770 phone number, Thursday, August 18, 9:05 AM EST

Salam.Karte banket ham umade.Badan mizangim .Alan rooseam pishe k1 ham umadim o...Hal nadashtam beharfam.Bebkhshid.
from a 770 phone number, Saturday, August 20, 5:02 PM EST

Sms man resid?Kartet ham umad.Farda shab mizangam.Ye kam khasteam .Ye ok bede leila junam.
from a 770 phone number, Saturday, August 20, 11:47 PM EST

Possibly Arabic, but I am not going to get very far in trying to translate Arabic. Any thoughts, anybody?


Anonymous said...

It's Farsi. Leila's checks and bank card have arrived and someone wants to know if she got these texts about it.

Leila said...

Amazing! Thank you!

Kara Squire said...

Just cheat and use google translate...