Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hey remember you're getting breakfast tomoorow. don't get anitas- mary is the only one who eats oit and shes not getting drunk tonight i don't think.
from 703 phone number, Tuesday, November 29, 3:25 PM EST

hahaha Anita's sounds like a disgusting restaurant, if all it makes is hangover food, and even then hangover food that is acceptable only to one person (Mary).


Unknown said...

Anita's makes the most boring breakfast burritos in all of the world, but it's the best you can hope for when you live in DC. The lack of good burritos is one of the driving factors for me moving to San Diego!

Joel Baroody said...

That's just not true. I'm from the 703....Anitas rules!!!! Anytime...not just for hangovers. But it's good for those too.