Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi i have my flat screen tv hanging up!
from a 541 phone number, Sunday, December 11, 10:50 PM EST

How did you accomplish that?! Did you hire someone? Or did you use like a screwdriver or something? I can't even hang up a goddamn framed photograph, never mind a flat-screen TV (which, btw, if it fell on you, could kill you).

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Estheban Schnaeder said...

Whenever I have to hang anything on a wall, I always ask for help. The first time I had to put up my flat screen TV, I had to ask my neighbor Carter to help me out. He's a big help when I have trouble mounting things at home. Well, that isn't surprising since he's an accomplished plumber. He's also a well-known comedian here in our area.