Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 11th won't work 4 me so I'm thinking about a catalog party instead. I'm in the foothills & either my husband or I should be here today or tomorrow.
from a 928 phone number, Saturday, January 7, 12:16 PM EST

I googled it, but I still don't know exactly what a catalog party is. It sounds like the "hostess" calls up a bunch of her friends/acquaintances and tries to sell them shit from a catalog. As best I can tell, no one comes over to your house, no one eats all the crudite, and no one winds up making out with a stranger in the coat closet, so it's not really clear to me why this counts as a "party" at all.

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Katie said...

It's a Pampered Chef (and probably other similar type companies) thing. And it is exactly as you describe. The 'host' gets their credit for having a party (thus getting her allotted discounted or free stuff) without actually having to find a time where all of her friends can get together in one place to eat crudites and make out in coat closets.