Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cn u share wordly wise with me? i 4got it :(
from an 808 phone number, Friday, February 17, 1:02 PM EST

When I was in third grade, we had to use the Wordly Wise workbooks to improve our vocabulary. For whatever reason, my whole class hated it. Even me. I was really into words, but I hated Wordly Wise.

The fourth graders also had to use Wordly Wise, and we could not stand the idea that, even when we finished third grade, we would still have to suffer through a whole other year of this thing. So I started a petition against continuing Wordly Wise in the fourth grade. Everyone signed it. Even kids who weren't in my class. I was not a popular child, so it was kind of surprising that people were willing to sign any petition originated by me. But I think it was clear that I was our only shot at undoing the injustice of Wordly Wise.

Once I had collected 100 signatures, I gave the petition to our third grade teacher, Mrs. Bond. She read it, and then she tore it into shreds. Right in front of me.

From this experience, I learned two things:

1) Public schools are not a democracy, and the Bill of Rights does not apply.
2) If you're going to present a petition, you should really make a photocopy of it first.

Until I received 808's text message, I had no idea that schools were still using Wordly Wise. I hope this Leila is having a better experience with it than I did.

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