Tuesday, September 18, 2007

from a 408 phone number, Tuesday, September 18, 7:16 PM

By now you've all heard my little rant against texts like this once, but SERIOUSLY. Was this really worth the ten cents it took to send it? It's true, Leila didn't text you back, 408 guy, because she didn't receive your text-- but it could have EQUALLY WELL been that she elected not to text you back because she had NOTHING TO SAY IN RESPONSE.

"hey." Sheesh. Could there BE less of a conversation starter?


Connor said...

Clearly you've never watched My So-Called Life. Or the OC, for that matter.

Leila said...

That hurts, Connor, since those are my two favorite TV shows of probably all time.

If Jordan Catallano said "hey" to me, you're right, I would talk to him. But if it were anyone else, then no.

Connor said...

Mine too! But how do you know that it isn't Jordan?

408. Google says San Jose, not Pittsburgh. Okay. Probably not. :/