Thursday, September 20, 2007

Salu on est entrain de manger
from a 702 phone number, Wednesday, September 19, 2:07 PM

I ran this message through Babelfish, French to English (although this may or may not actually be French). Babelfish translated the phrase as "Salu one is spirit to eat."

I can't decide if it makes more sense in English or in French. Maybe I should run it through again, like in Swedish to English, and see if that makes it any clearer.


Alix! said...

The first word was probably supposed to be "salut", which is like "hey".

Emily in DC said...

It's pretty much "Hey we're eating right now."

Dark Chocolate said...

Yeah, I'm a French major, and "en train" is two words, which means in the middle of/in the process of.