Saturday, November 10, 2007

I want 2 come 2 the dark side 2morrow
from a 201 phone number, Friday, November 9, 3:28 PM

My hope is that this person is not kidding. My hope is that 201 lives in a town where Leila has formed a coven of evil witches, and 201 has been refusing to join, despite Leila's encouragements that 201 would make "a very powerful witch." But today something momentous happened, making 201 realize that she cannot make it on her own, she is too weak, and her only option for self-preservation or success is 2 come 2 the dark side. And Leila, had she received this text, would have responded to 201, "you are making the right choice," and then would have sat alone and cackled to herself, "One more for my coven! I am winning them over, one by one! This town will be ours!"

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Anonymous said...

isnt the dark side a movie? that they might want to see? just an idea