Saturday, November 10, 2007

R u tryin to wirk there o
from a 540 phone number, Tuesday, November 6, 9:17 PM

You recall from a few weeks ago my analysis of how you can tell when someone is using predictive texting and when they are using letter-by-letter texting. Well, this text is interesting because it's easy to tell that they sent it from their computer. The giveaway is the word "wirk." This can't have been an abbreviation-- "wirk" and "work" both have four digits. And, on a phone, the "i" key and the "o" key aren't near each other. However, they are next to one another on a computer keyboard.

A typo of "work" in predictive texting would be "world" (if you accidentally hit the "3" key at the end of typing "work") or "york" (if you accidentally hit the "next word" button). A typo of "work" in letter-by-letter texting would be "wnrk" or "worj," if you hit one letter key too many times, or not enough. But "wirk" comes only from a computer keyboard.

Or, potentially, from someone who has no fucking clue how to spell "work."

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Alix! said...

Or from someone with a blackberry or the (en)-V or a Sidekick or an iPhone!