Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey let's not do it until friday i have a whole Shit load of college stuff to do and if you wait i will get us more. What we have now is not enough
from a 703 phone number, Monday, December 3, 2:52 PM

The college stuff I understand, since college applications are due at the end of this month and, if you haven't written all those essays, you really need to get on that now. But I still don't know what exactly it is that 703 and Leila aren't going to do until Friday. Whatever it is, it requires a lot of something, since what they have now is not enough. A lot of something that 703 has access to. I envision it as being maybe an art project that involves a lot of seashells, and at some point between now and Friday, 703 is going to take a break from her college apps to go seashell collecting.

It's probably not really seashells, though. That's probably just my imagination.


Anonymous said...

i honestly thought of seashells when i read it too!

Anonymous said...

drugs. ;)