Thursday, December 6, 2007

hi you. xo
from a 561 phone number, Monday, December 3, 10:53 AM

can we skype? i want to talk..
from a 561 phone number, Tuesday, December 4, 7:36 PM

Although I hate texts that say merely "hi," somehow the "xo" makes it better. You know, like maybe 561 person loves Leila?

The reference to skype I find intriguing. I only skype with my friends who live out of the country. I can't think why you'd want to skype with someone who lives in America. Why can't 561 person just stop using his cell phone to TEXT Leila, and start using his cell phone to CALL her?


Anonymous said...

you should text this person back. maybe he/she is traveling and can only use their phone to text, which is often what happens...and he/she obviously misses the other Leila, so probably wants to hear from her. :)

on a side note, my grandpa likes to use skype in America because it's apparently cheaper. so it could be that too.

Leila said...

You can get very sad when you consider how many people out there don't understand why their Leilas aren't texting them back. It makes me sad, too.