Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sorry I've taken such a long hiatus from this blog. I went away on vacation for a while, and then I had to get my phone replaced (for reasons unconnected to text messages), but now I'm back! So let's kick off the new year with a bang:

Amy johnson is now a vet at new bolton who will be specializing in neurology. Spoke to her today
from a 609 phone number, Thursday, January 3, 2:36 PM

Aside from the obvious explanation, which is that this message is code for something (like where "vet" = drug dealer and "neurology" = crystal meth), let's imagine why 609 is passing along such detailed information for Leila. Maybe Amy Johnson went to Leila's high school, but they've fallen out of touch in the years since, so 609 has tracked Amy down for Leila. You can tell 609 and Leila, unlike so many of the Leila Texters, are not still in high school because they use words like "specializing" and "neurology" in their text messages, as opposed to words like "hot" and "bitch."

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'dei said...

I was reading through your old posts & I can actually clear up part of this one...

The New Bolton Center is a part of the University of Pennsylvania's vet school and is located in Kennett Square, PA. I only know this because I grew up outside Kennett Square. Heh.

According to this page, Amy Johnson's a lecturer there. Who knew. :)