Saturday, January 5, 2008

To seneca make a right on 206 at the diner...and your first left on carranza
from a 609 phone number, Saturday, January 5, 9:34 AM

This text offers further proof that this 609 lady is not in high school:

1. High schoolers are shit at giving directions; or, at least, I was, when I was in high school. I was always like, "Just drive until you come to that place, then go right... well, not really right, but sort of veer right?... and then you'll see it on the left. Or maybe on the right. It's either the first or second green house." Using street names and highway numbers is behavior peculiar to adults.

2. High schoolers do not send text messages at 9:34 AM on a Saturday.

Case closed.

OH BUT WAIT-- I just googled "seneca" and "carranza." Turns out Seneca HIGH SCHOOL is on Carranza Rd. in Tabernacle, NJ. So is 609 a high school student, after all? Or is she the parent of a high school student?

Lesson of the day: The case is never closed. Not when it comes to the Leila Texts.


Laura said...

Holy crap-- Seneca is the sister school to *my* old high school, Shawnee. I used to live in the 609 area code. It's like the Leila Texts are uniting us all!

(this is Laura. who grew up in NJ.)

Leila said...

Now I kind of wish I had NOT looked this up on google, because then you could have informed me that you knew what Seneca was. But it's cool either way. I wonder if you would recognize this Leila...