Wednesday, July 9, 2008

are you still having bonfire tonight?
shay shay

from a 313 phone number, Tuesday, July 8, 8:18 PM

Some Leilas are so cool. Like this one, who's apparently hosting a bonfire party. I want to host a bonfire party. Hell, I would settle for just being invited to a bonfire party.

While in California, we went to Huntington Beach, which my guidebook promised was "the place to go" for beach bonfires. I couldn't verify this claim. If there were beach bonfires going down, no one invited me.


Leslie said...

do you think shay shay went to TJs and bought alcohol and snacks JUST in case leila was still having her bonfire and wanted her to join?

Leila said...

LP-- I missed you all weekend long. Thank God I am seeing you again tomorrow morning.