Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ha ha luke is such a fat ass. If just ate 2 fluff and peanutbutter sandwiches with 2 sides of chips... I'm full after 1.
from a 630 phone number, Tuesday, July 8, 12:22 PM

First of all, 630, they're called "fluffernutters," not "fluff and peanutbutter sandwiches." Second of all, everyone else, when is the last time you ate a fluffernutter? Let alone TWO fluffernutters! Were you in elementary school?

(Actually, the last time I ate a fluffernutter was like three weeks ago. It was at Peanut Butter and Co., which is this restaurant that could exist nowhere but Manhattan, where you pay upwards of $7 for peanut butter sandwiches. Sure, the peanut butter's better than the Skippy that you buy at the supermarket, but really you'll paying for the nostalgia.)

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