Friday, January 2, 2009

but anyway what are you doing for new years?
from a 484 phone number, Thursday, December 25, 8:31 PM

Fwd:Fwd: Fwd: FWD: You have been hit with the end of 2008 best mom award. You must send to ten moms and make their day, including me if u agree!

from a 443 phone number, Monday, December 29, 7:52 PM

If that's all it takes, then it's just too easy to make a mom's day.

FWD:Luck for 2009, You have 30 min to tell 10 people 'I love you' including me or 2009 will be your worst year so I LOVE YOU go.
-sorry I don't like the

from a 719 phone number, Tuesday, December 30, 7:28 PM

But what if Leila DOESN'T love 719? Is it fair to doom Leila to the worst year because because she likes 719 a lot but does not actually LOVE her? Do we feel like the phrase "I love you" is really losing its power and specialness nowadays?

happy new year! i'm at work until fri. how are you? miss you :)
from a 510 phone number, Wednesday, December 31, 1:16 PM

Happy new year & Merry christmas
from a 757 phone number, Wednesday, December 31, 2:15 PM

A little belated on the "Merry christmas" part, but thanks anyway for your well wishes.

Happy and Healthy New Year to my running buddies...I am grateful for all of you...miss running...hopefully we can run on Friday...
from a 609 phone number, Wednesday, December 31, 6:11 PM

Running, to me, does not seem like one of those things that you "miss" or "hope" you will do. It's not like skiing or bungee jumping. If you want to do it so bad, just strap on a pair of shoes, step outside, and go. (I am not an athlete.)

FWD: I just deposited love & blessings in your account for 2009. Your pin # is J.e.s.u.s. Now make a deposit in someone elses account
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, December 31, 7:04 PM

Your PIN number is Jesus? I'm sorry. Was this included in the Bible?

Happy New Year!... Love, Avideh
from a 714 phone number, Wednesday, December 31, 8:05 PM

FWD: This is the last day in 2008 & I refuse 2 let the year end w/out sayin I love u... I LOVE YOU!! Send to everyone you love.
from a 504 phone number, Wednesday, December 31, 8:45 PM

Relatively speaking, I like this forward because it doesn't threaten me with "the worst year" or ugliness or anything if I fail to send it on.

Happy new year
from a 908 phone number, Thursday, January 1, 6:19 PM

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