Friday, January 2, 2009

Okay, phew, I'm back. And just in time, since my phone's inbox, with a capacity of 100 text messages, has reached a dangerously high 96 text messages. And that's with me deleting half the ones I received this past week. The holidays are a big time for texting.

With that said, let's travel back nine days to Christmas...

Merry Christmas all the best Marci a Honzi.
from a 718 phone number, Wednesday, December 24, 2:04 PM

:Dear Santa all i want 4 christmaz this year is 2 let everyone readin this know that i hope they have a merry christmaz! Send this 2 all ur friends!
from a 719 phone number, Wednesday, December 24, 9:24 PM

Such a simple request from Santa. Truly a sign of a less material time.

mele kalikimaka!!! haha hope you have a gud one.

from an 803 phone number, Thursday December 25, 2:58 AM

A Hawaiian Christmas song. I continue on the long road to multi-language fluency.

merry christmas
from a 912 phone number, Thursday, December 25, 9:02 AM

merry christmasa1 what dud you guys get? i got an ipod nano
from a 323 phone number, Thursday, December 25, 1:08 PM

iPod nanos have overtaken religion as the True Meaning of Christmas.

by the way, i sent leila a txt but i dont think she nos my #, but let her no i said merry xmas and thank her for the gifts. ahaha thanks
from a 714 phone number, Thursday, December 25, 2:21 PM

I'm not sure how the technology on this works, but yeah. Merry xmas.

If u buy me more stuff then u have now then i'll buy u stuff.
from a 209 phone number, Friday, December 26, 1:41 PM

If everyone abided by this practice, then there would be a much better balance in gift-giving, and none of us would wind up in those awkward situations where one of our friends boughts us an iPod nano while we bought them like a nice pair of white cotton socks.

hi, im working. i miss you! can you text me pics of your cute baby? did you have a good christmas?
from a 510 phone number, Friday, December 26, 2:20 PM

FWD: Squeeeeeeeeeeze! U've just been given a christmas hug. I WANT ONE BACK! If u get 3 ur cute, 6 ur loved, 9 ur hot, 0 ur a jerk.>Sweet as pie<
from 404 phone number, Saturday, December 27, 11:41 AM

I've gotten this forward a whole bunch of times before (which I guess means I am loved, or possibly even hot), but it's never had the "Christmas" modifier before. Usually it's just a non-denominational hug. Text forwards change with the times.

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