Monday, February 9, 2009

are you up? im in the ER. LRQ pain. it hurts bad. thinking abt taking pain meds want to let someone know. please call me
from a 510 phone number, Monday, February 9, 4:54 AM

Jesus Christ. I can't figure out what LRQ pain is, but it sounds not good. And I think if you've made it as far as the Emergency Room, then it is definitely time for some pain meds.

I texted 510 when I woke up this morning to say that Leila hadn't received his text and that I hoped he was feeling better. I didn't hear back from him, though. I hope that doesn't mean he's in a coma or anything.


Anonymous said...

i think LRQ means "lower right quadrant".. your lower abdomen on teh right side of the belly button

Mike said...

I concur with Anonymous' diagnosis. ;-)