Sunday, February 15, 2009

This my new cp no. 415 xxx xxxx MUSTA NA DYAN DADI.
from a 415 phone number, Saturday, February 14, 10:07 PM

Can someone translate this for me, please? And is it dumb of me to think that "DADI" might translate to "daddy" without even knowing what language this is?

Also, I've never seen "cp" used as an abbreviation for "cell phone." I like it, though. Only two characters. Very parsimonious.


Tjok! said...

(ka)musta na dyan is like "what's up there?"

i can only assume that dadi is supposed to be "daddy". filipino's respell english words weird. the other day i saw a show called "ded or alayb". Bx

Leila said...

Thank you! You'd think at this point that I would just recognize Tagalog when I see it, but somehow I almost never do. I always appreciate your translating.