Saturday, September 12, 2009

where are you in the city
from a 610 phone number, Friday, September 11, 10:37 PM

i am going to be in. the ghetto w philly soon
from a 610 phone number, Friday, September 11, 10:38 PM

610 is Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, so I find it perplexing that this person has a friend named Philly in the city of Philly. It's like if my parents had named me Boston. Maybe this is a nickname.


Josh said...

maybe it's West Philly.

Leila said...

That would change everything.

michael said...

I agree with Josh. I think this means he/she is going to be the "ghetto west philly" soon. Why there is a period in the middle of the sentence is beyond me.

Leila said...

Sometimes I accidentally hit a period, too, just because of the layout of my keyboard. I may act all holier-than-thou when it comes to text grammar, but really it's hard for all of us.