Sunday, October 25, 2009

from a 310 phone number, Friday, October 16, 3:50 PM

As previously mentioned in this blog, I am not exactly the world's foremost expert in languages. And this is even harder when Leila Texters don't include spaces between their words. Here's what I think this one is:

"Leila te dio el mandado la paty? contame si?"

Which would, to translate further, probably be:

"Leila, I gave you the something the something? Something me, yes?"

Oh, screw it.


Kendra said...

Como estoy.

Ja said...

"El mandado" or "el recado" is in many Spanish countries "errand" in the sense of a small task/walk that is done in behalf of others. For instance, sending your kid/husband/wife/friend to the closes shop to buy a small thing that you need would be a "recado" or "mandado"

"La paty" is most likely "La patricia", and "contame" is likely to be "cuentame" - ie, tell me, although in this context is more like "tell me" in the sense of "confirm me it"

So, it should be something like that in English (it's not a literal translation, but it keeps the meaning)

"Leila, did Patricia told you about the "errand"? Could you please tell me?"

Apologies a ton for my rather than bad english.

Leila said...

No, that's so clarifying, Ja. Thank you! Online translators just never get the slang and abbreviations as well as actual Spanish speakers.

Ja said...

I should be the one saying "Thank you". I have got a more than fair share of laughs in the latest months thanks to your blog :)

So, thank you for it!