Monday, November 9, 2009

25 to 20 us :) makell had another good serving run
from an 801 phone number, Friday, November 6, 4:44 PM

This is obviously about a sports match, and Makell is clearly an athlete on "our" team. But what team is that? The most common Makell to come up on Google (at least with a sports affiliation) is this guy. Except he is a high school football player in Maryland, so why would some kids in Salt Lake City be texting about him? So then I googled "Makell Utah" and came up with this girl, and I cannot even tell from this webpage what sport she plays, but it appears to be soccer, which does not involve "serving runs" so far as I know.

I love when the Leila Texts give me key pieces of athletic knowledge that I can then naturally work into conversation and come off as more well-informed than I actually am. But this one is not helping.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like church volleyball to me. Not nearly a high enough standard of athleticism to be posted in any news, but required/encouraged for all Mormon young women. Even the ones that run away from the ball (like me).

michael said...

I found this link because it piqued my curiosity:

You're definitely getting the volleyball theme lately!

Leila said...

So we're talking about Utah high school volleyball. I may have some trouble working that one into casual conversation.

And I had no idea that volleyball was so important for Mormon women. It makes me very glad I'm not Mormon. I run away from the ball, too.