Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby left u msg @ 836 the best minute in my life.
from a 562 phone number, Tuesday, November 17, 12:04 PM

Maybe this is from Leila's mom, and 8:36 was the time when Leila was born? My mom is very into calling me at the moment when I was born.


Anonymous said...

ha! these are hilarious! I just got linked to this blog from the NYTimes article and am having a good chuckle.

Leila said...

Thanks! I don't think there's an NYT article about this (I wish!), but I am glad you found your way here and glad you are enjoying it!

Mike said...

No really, there is. (I found your blog from here too)

It's about half way down, linked in this paragraph: "Finally, if this is an issue that causes you to think more than you have time for, you have two options: Either change your address or chronicle your experience into a humorous blog"

Anonymous said...

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