Thursday, November 19, 2009

werlein Paula me llamo anoche dijo que nadie no le llamo a ella ayer pues no podia ver a todas nosotras!
from an 847 phone number, Monday, November 16, 11:08 AM

werlein How many mints? i have 8 boxes u may have. cost 699 each. nice price
from an 847 phone number, Wednesday, November 18, 8:25 PM

Ahem. Allow me.

"Paula called me last night and said that nobody called her yesterday so she cannot see all of us!"

Make sense now?

As for the Wednesday text: No idea.


Anonymous said...

girl scouts (thin mints.) He's jacking up the price though!

Leila said...

omg is it girl scout cookie season yet? My coworker just walked through the office, indicating that it might be cookie time. I am SO ready.

Unknown said...

What percentage of these texts come spanish? (I love spanish!) :D

Leila Sales said...

I think more come in Tagalog than in Spanish, actually!