Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Also forgot pickles look 4 Them xMas Eve
from a 218 phone number, Friday, November 27, 11:29 SM

Is "find the pickles" a common Christmas Eve game? I have never played before.


Anonymous said...

Actually yes it is! :) The first person to find the pickle shaped ornament gets an extra present! http://mymerrychristmas.com/2005/pickle.shtml

Merry Christmas! :)

Brooklyn said...

We play that game at my house :)

Leila said...

That's amazing! I had no idea.

Whenever I try to make fun of something on this blog, inevitably someone points out in comments how actually the behavior I am mocking is totally commonplace. Like the time some woman texted to say that she was in labor at the hospital, and I was like, "Shouldn't you be focusing on your labor pains, lady?" and then everyone commented to say, "Actually, I texted a lot for the first few hours that I was in labor, just to keep myself occupied."

I learn something new every day.