Thursday, December 24, 2009

I had a dream that you would be quiet

from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, December 22, 12:18 AM

are you thar

from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, December 22, 12:21 AM


from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, December 22, 12:29 AM


from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, December 22, 12:34 AM

Did you get my text

from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, December 22, 12:37 AM

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, December 22, 12:42 AM

The MaYa messages have been going on for nearly two months now-- here are the very first ones, if you want to relive the glory. I know some of you have been hoping I never respond to her, just so we can see how the whole MaYa thing ends. But here's the thing: It was never going to end. This was just going to go on forever, and it was never going to get any clearer or more fulfilling.

So I called MaYa back. The six boring texts in 25 minutes just made me crack. I dialed her number, and I was all raging, "I am going to put this girl in her place! I am going to ask her why the hell she has been texting Leila for TWO MONTHS even though she should know by now that it's NOT WORKING! I am going to..."

Only here's the thing, and we all could have seen this one coming: MaYa is a child. She really doesn't know any better. And I don't have it in me to be mean to a child.

I called her and the first time she sent me to voicemail (VOICEMAIL, MaYa??? After all we have shared-- VOICEMAIL?), but then I called again and she answered. I started out strong and kind of annoyed with a, "Hey, MaYa, this is Leila. I've been receiving all your texts that you've been sending to your friend Leila."

She just said, "Okay."

I said, "Did you know Leila wasn't receiving your texts?"

MaYa said, "Yes."

I said, "But you kept texting her anyway?"

MaYa said, "Yes."

And this was when I realized I was a stranger, calling up a child and bullying her. That's not cool. Don't do that. So I didn't ask her what the hell she was thinking. I just explained to her that she needed to pull up Leila's name from her contact list, and MaYa said "okay" and "yes" a few more times, and then I wished her good luck and hung up.

We may never understand why MaYa kept addressing text messages this way for the entirety of November and December, 2009. It will just be an unsolved mystery.


Lee-kai Wang said...

The really interesting thing to me is that there is a good chance she will grow up without ever learning of this blog, and she'll have the false impression that someone just called her up to tell her how to use her phone more properly. She may never know she was a part of this random, bigger phenomenon.

I wonder: What sort of things like this do I have in my past?

Pete said...

Aww, this ended too soon. It was the funniest part of this blog, but you were probably right to call her. I'll never forget her, though. :')