Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday nite?
from a 270 phone number, Saturday, December 19, 11:20 PM

Will they lket me and u switch bout for a min . Jeffery is in the family room? Ask cuz I would like to talk to kayla
from a 270 phone number, Monday, December 21, 5:31 AM

Can u get summer something to snack on? Please. Ill pay u back
from a 270 phone number, Monday, December 21, 6:22 AM

This middle text confuses and interests me most. Who might not let Leila and 270 switch places so that 270 can talk to Kayla? Who even wields that sort of power, that they can be like, “No, 270, you may not come into the family room”? Plus, who’s Jeffery? Texts involving drama between the sender and recipient make sense to me, but once you start pulling in Jeffery and Kayla and Summer and “them,” I just get lost.

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