Wednesday, January 27, 2010

can u or will pick me up 8 or 8.30 at donna s? am on the plane at dallas. thnx mom
from a 425 phone number, Saturday, January 23, 5:28 PM

I replied to this with my standard, "Sorry, your text came to me instead of Leila, please resend by pulling her name out of your contacts list. Do not spell it out." 425 responded with this:

can u pick me up 8 or 8.30 at donna's? willcall on way home am on the plane in mom
from a 425 phone number, Saturday, January 23, 5:32 PM

I am charmed by the fact that she tried. She clearly rephrased and retyped this whole message. But she still did not send it to Leila, is the sad part.


Terri said...

I think someone is being sneaky here. I can only see one reason to text someone about being picked up at the airport rather than talking to them. That is the fact the person is not supposed to have the phone on and having a coversation is way more obvious that you are flouting TSA guidelines. There is no way I would chance having to spend one extra second in an airport by leaving a text that may not be seen. They even said they were on the plane. Didn't say if they were waiting to take off or up in the air already.

Kendra said...

Maybe she thought Leila was just kidding-- hence the "lol." I.e., "You're such a jokester, Leila! Seriously, pick me up at the airport."