Thursday, January 28, 2010

oi honey! por favor me passa o endereco onde vc esta ficando e oendereco do Mike. mtos bjs te amo
from a 408 phone number, Tuesday, January 26, 6:38 PM

Portuguese? Or really poorly-typed Spanish.

hi leila, sorry um ka panhau telefone. :( um sta na nha doc, um tral som um skece poi kantu um sai. txomam hora ku puder.bjinhos.
from a 617 phone number, Thursday, January 28, 6:02 PM

This one is neither Spanish nor Portuguese. I know it is about something kind of bad, due to the frowny face. And I bet the word "um" means "and." Or "I." I can't think of any other words you'd use five times in one text.


Anonymous said...

portuguese and problably creoule ;)

marix said...

1st message [from 408] is definitely portuguese. It is asking for an address. Let me translate it for you:

hi honey! could you please send me the address you are staying and Mike's address? Lots of kisses, love you

The other message I could only understand "bjinhos" means kisses. So i don't think it is portuguese.