Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can u txt me if u will make it 2 my wifes showr at1230 not ll00 n tell me how many includin yrself? I appreciate prompt response so i can gt enuff food.
from a 203 phone number, Friday, January 29, 6:41 PM

Call me a traditionalist, a stick in the mud, what you will, but I believe that baby shower invitations should be sent out many weeks in advance. Via mail. And RSVPs should also be sent weeks in advance. Via mail. They should not be sent via incorrectly addressed text messages, because then no one will come to your wife's shower. Because no one will know it is happening. And that's just sad. The poor woman can't drink liquor or eat sushi, and now you're dooming her to a friendless shower? Hasn't she suffered enough?

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