Sunday, February 21, 2010

Have you been watching Gossip Girl this season? You're the only one I can go OMF to.
from a 605 phone number, Saturday, February 20, 3:59 PM

No, actually, I have not been watching GG this season, and I am so glad you asked, 605, because I would love to explain why. I watched the first two seasons diligently, and I have been waiting for someone to ask why I quit so that I can rant about it a little. Ideally, the person to ask me would be a CW network exec, but, barring that, some girl from South Dakota will do.

I stopped watching GG for two reasons. ONE, they started showing it at 9pm, and that is too late for me to be out in Manhattan and at a friend's house every Monday night. Watching GG is fulfilling, not in and of itself, but as a social experience. If it's at 9pm, I can't watch it at a friend's house because that is too late at night. And if I can't watch it at a friend's house, than it's not worth watching, because it is not an inherently good show.

TWO, GG completely trashed any continuity in storyline or character sometime during Season Two. It angers me (clearly) that they think they can just take a bunch of beautiful people and throw beautiful clothes on them and I will keep watching. I am not that dumb. The reason why I watched three seasons of the OC was because they were beautiful people in beautiful clothes ACTING IN WAYS CONSISTENT WITH THEIR CHARACTERS. New situations would arise, and Ryan Atwood would always react like Ryan Atwood (i.e. misguidedly violent), and Marisa Cooper would always react like Marisa Cooper (i.e. self-defeatingly). But on Gossip Girl? There is no standard way for Dan Humphrey to respond to things, because he is NOT A REAL CHARACTER. He reacts in whatever way seems easiest and most convenient for the storywriters at that moment.

So, in short: No, 605. I have not been watching Gossip Girl this season. But for some damn good reasons.

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Nemo said...

Ha, that was me, not a random text. You got me hooked, and I was enraged and wanting to complain about some of these same things. Aaaaand you posted it online calling me a girl. Whoops!