Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey can u through ur charger down stairs plz cuz i only have 1 bar
from a 360 phone number, Monday, March 1, 6:36 PM

When your parents don't allow you to yell in the house, and you can't muster the energy to walk all the way upstairs, texting your sister to throw the phone charger downstairs is a really foolproof plan. Plus, bonus, your parents will have no idea how you two communicated without speaking and will assume that you're PSYCHIC!

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Autumn2May said...

Back in the day, when one of my brothers or sisters was in our room and one of us was two floors below in the computer room, we would bang on the air vents and yell to the other person when we wanted something. If texting had been around, it would have been much easier. :)

Jennie :)