Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your soo pretty :) that boy you love will show how much he needs you in about oh 2 hrs.but u have to tell ten girls they are pretty : ] {

from a 708 phone number, Monday, March 1, 7:44 AM

I am all about girls telling girls that they are pretty. This seems supportive and affirming and I approve. But I'm less keen on the reward for complimenting your friends being "the boy you love will show you that he needs you." Shouldn't complimenting your friends be its own reward? Not to be like all CRAZY WOMAN over here or whatever.


Karen said...

This is the first text chain maile I've ever seen...and the least intelligible. Nice work, crazyl.

Leila said...

Well, Karen, stick around, and you will see MANY more unintelligible chain texts. I probably get more than anyone who is not technically a 12-year-old girl.