Sunday, March 21, 2010

*Logan lover*

from a 203 phone number, Wednesday, March 17, 2:02 PM

I assume this girl means that she loves Logan Bruno, Mary Anne's boyfriend in The Babysitters Club. I can't think what else she could be referring to. Also, this especially makes sense since 203 is a Connecticut area code, and Logan lived in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Q.E.D.


Kendra said...

Could also be Logan Echolls, the yellow-SUV-driving badboy from the show Veronica Mars. I am definitely a Logan Lover. (As opposed to Duncan, gross!)

Anonymous said...

I love that you know the BSC!! i was so addicted to those books in like second grade.

Kimberly said...

I love the Babysitters Club reference! And your comments in general.

Leila said...

Thank you! My only regret about the Leila Texts is that they don't lend themselves to BSC comments MORE OFTEN.