Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Im Soory 4 Acusing u Of calling Me private i love you
from a 413 phone number, Sunday, April 11, 9:24 PM

What kind of accusation is that?

413: "You called me private!"
LEILA: "No, I didn't!"
413: "Yes, you did! How dare you call me private!"

(a few hours later)

413: "Leila, I take it back. I'm sorry for accusing you of calling me private."
LEILA: "Okay good. Because I would never do such a thing to you."


Michael said...

Maybe these two are military and really have an issue with their ranks?

Just said...

Hilarious. Sounds like some teenage dilemma to me.

Leila said...

Thank goodness. Teenage dilemmas are my favorite kind.