Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So i was going to respond on FB but i am having computer problems. Tues sounds great. I teach at myers park high. Can we meet around 400?
from an 828 phone number, Wednesday, April 28, 4:02 PM

What do we think Leila's relationship is to 828? Obviously they don't know each other very well; Leila doesn't even know where 828 works, and 828 feels that he has to explain his decision to text Leila rather than messaging her via facebook. Only in this modern day and age would a text message (sent to a stranger, no less) seem more personal and forward than a facebook message.


Anonymous said...

where is 828? theres a myers park high where I live but thats not an area code anywhere nearby

Anonymous said...

asheville, nc. but myers park hs is in charlotte, nc which is about 2 hours away.