Sunday, June 13, 2010

leila bring your phone to the party
from a 541 phone number, Friday, June 11, 1:37 PM EST

that was soooo awesome we should do that again exept bring amber
from a 541 phone number, Saturday, June 12, 1:06 AM EST

leila- bring yor fone to the party @ my dads house FYI harper is also going to be their if you are aloud when at party we can ask for sleepover -abz
from a 541 phone number, Saturday, June 12, 5:03 PM EST

Here's what we know: Leila and Abz went to a party on Friday night and it was soooo awesome. They also went to a party at Abz's dad's house on Saturday night, where they may have asked for a sleepover (if Leila was allowed). What we don't know is why Abz always has to specifically instruct Leila to bring her phone to parties. Is she really micromanaging? Is Leila really forgetful? Or what?

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