Friday, October 15, 2010

i discovered your leila text blog when i was googling my sister named leila. what is even funnier is i found a recent text written from my stepmom
from a 908 phone number, Wednesday, October 13, 8:40 PM EST

Obviously this is not a Leila Text in the technical sense, since it's not a misdirected text message. It reached me just fine. Nonetheless, I'm sharing it here, because this is so cool! I love when this happens. And then people can finally explain to us what their texts mean! Like 908 told me that this one was about booking motel rooms for his sister Leila's wedding. So now we know! I also love that 908 got in touch with me via text message. That brings it all full-circle.

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Cordelia Naismith said...

Soooo cool!!
908's stepmom should text you too, that will be the perfect full-circle.