Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey mama just a reminder dvds lol we are working together tomorrow and when is ur party so i can request off
from a 732 phone number, Sunday, January 2, 9:07 PM EST

Hello just checkin on u u sounded really bad this morning txt me if u need anything
from a 732 phone number, Monday, January 3, 10:53 AM EST

I've said this before, but I find it a little odd when people have their mothers listed in their phones by their first names (in this case, "Leila"). My mama is in my phone as "Mama." That way, if I ever lose my phone, the person who finds it will know whom to call to return it to me. How would the person who found 732's phone know to call Leila?

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Anonymous said...

maybe mama is used here as a term of endearment? kinda like you would call your good friend "hot mama"