Friday, January 21, 2011

omg ! books r so expensive! spent abot230 already now another 95 4 more books for 1 class n a clicker gah
God bless you :)

from a 210 phone number, Tuesday, January 18, 4:16 PM EST

Speaking as a person who works in the book industry, I can't really take 210's side on this one. Yes, books cost real money, but that's because they are real things. Shoes are also expensive. So is dining out. I get that spending $400 on books for college classes is not super-exciting, but I don't like it when people undervalue books as a product. They cost money because they're worth money.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, books are generally worth money. And usually they're worth what is charged.

This is not the case with college textbooks, however. Textbooks are way, way overpriced for absolutely no good reason. I have no sympathy for the textbook industry.