Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well I hope you are happy. Evan now has a tattoo. he sold the watch you bought him to pay for it. If only you had texted me when he called you. He is now
from a 608 phone number, Sunday, January 16, 9:04 PM EST

so now you dont even care about me?
from a 608 phone number, Sunday, January 16, 9:26 PM EST

why wont you respond to me??
from a 608 phone number, Sunday, January 16, 10:09 PM EST

I would like to go on record as saying that I do not for an instant believe these are real Leila Texts. In my four years of experience with strangers' texts, this just isn't how people communicate. That said, whoever this person is must really, really, want to get his/her words on this blog, so fine. Here you go.


michael said...

I don't know...this sounds like the way my MIL would text...

Anonymous said...

I was going to agree with michael when reading this quickly, since that first text is something I could see my husband's mother texting to any individual interacting with her sons, and the third text could be typical as well. The second text kind of blows its cover though, because the only type of person sending the first and second could be a mother type figure or pissed friend/relative, and they wouldn't go into that weird "so now you don't even care about me?" with this same individual - in the very least not until after they asked, "why aren't you responding to me?" first / calling numerous times. End elaborate unnecessary analysis.

Leila said...

When it comes to the Leila Texts, there is no such thing as unnecessary analysis.

Anonymous said...

Wait though, more importantly - if you're going to stage fake texts, why not do it with a bang, or something at least a little more impressive than a fake tattoo on some Evan I don't care about. E.g., "Evan stole my corndog last night so I left an upper decker corndog in his toilet this morning!! If only you had texted me when I know he called you. You made your choice."

(I just recently learned what an upper decker was myself and have been looking for an opportunity to show off my knowledge of this disgustingly fascinating party phenomenon)