Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are we having pizza tonight
from a 562 phone number, Friday, April 15, 9:26 PM EST

No, because it's Passover. See?

happy passover. bee might be contagious again wont know until tomorrow so were srambeling for todays coverage.
from a 609 phone number, Tuesday, April 19, 1:31 PM EST

So we can't eat pizza, sadly. What can we eat?

Chex cereal has 5 gluten free flavors!
from a 585 phone number, Sunday, April 17, 12:26 PM EST

But you know what, even that doesn't really help us, because those flavors must involve rice or corn. Still not kosher for Passover.

I am grocery shopping a bit....wants?
from a 520 phone number, Wednesday, April 20, 8:20 PM EST

Matzah, please.

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