Saturday, April 23, 2011

From dan. Fwd: Just used it @ Dr. Shelley Eye Care
from a 575 phone number, Tuesday, April 19, 11:03 PM EST

Dalena's in the hospital - fully effaced and dilated to 6. Danny asked us not to post on facebook. :)))
from an 801 phone number, Tuesday, April 19, 11:08 PM EST

teresa called said mariam found charlie breathong but non responsive
from a 575 phone number, Wednesday, April 20, 10:57 AM EST

Running test going 2 work toomight b bladder infecion he was in lot of pain
from a 603 phone number, Thursday, April 21, 6:49 AM EST

Good lord, what a week of medical issues. Dan's getting his eyes checked out, Dalena's in labor, Charlie is breathing but not responsive, and someone else has a painful bladder infection. I hope we all have medical insurance.

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