Saturday, December 31, 2011

I think i found u a photographer
from a 702 phone number, Wednesday, December 28, 2:36 PM EST

I hope the photographer they found is this chick. I love her work! I don't know what sort of use she would be to Leila, but still.


Anonymous said...

The internet is way too small of a place. I originally discovered your blog (amazing!) through the Gizmodo article, then because of this post, I now know about Color Me Katie (also amazing!) then, browsing her blog, I discover that she participates in ImprovEverywhere, but I've known about them for years. Now if only I can find somewhere on ImprovEverywhere that links back to Gizmodo, this weird little internet circle will be complete!

Also, I love reading your blog!

Leila Sales said...

The Internet is a wonderful land. Thanks for commenting-- I'm so glad that you like the Leila Texts (and that I was able to introduce you to the world of Color Me Katie)!