Friday, November 23, 2007

hey baby your watching spongebob right nezt to me

you probaly think im texting winston

from a 215 phone number, Friday, November 23, 3:23 PM

So this one goes as follows...

LEILA: "Who are you texting?"
215 GUY: (teasingly) "You'll see."
LEILA: "Is it Winston?"
215 GUY: (shrugs noncommittally) "Maybe."

(Ten minutes pass. LEILA receives no text messages.)

LEILA: "So, who were you texting, then? Winston?"
215 GUY: (confused) "Uh, I don't know... just shut up and watch SpongeBob."

P.S. This entry was all for Jeremy, by the way, who loves SpongeBob and would totally watch it with a girl named Leila, if this girl named Leila were ever willing to do so.

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JB said...

I randomly discovered this blog last week and have been scrolling through them. This is probably my favorite. I like when you make up continued dialog OR when you get involved in the person's life.

Keep it up.