Thursday, November 22, 2007

Omg it sucks that we have to wake up at like 5 to go to the beta convention
frm a 404 phone number, Wednesday, November 14, 6:05 PM

Don't worry, I've done some research here. 404 is for Atlanta and suburbs, which makes sense, because the Georgia Junior Beta Convention happened in Macon on November 15-16. It's amazing what you can find with a little googling, isn't it?

But that still doesn't tell me what happens at a Beta convention. On their website, the description of the Beta Club is as follows:

"The National Beta Club recognizes, academic achievement, promotes character, develops leadership skills, encourages service involvement, and provides technological advantages to students in grades 5 - 12."

This leaves me wondering, first, why you would want your academic achievement recognized by an organization that puts a comma between "recognizes" and "academic achievement," and, second, what these teenagers actually DO as part of this club. Role-playing games, perhaps? Buzz words confuse me.

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