Friday, February 22, 2008

9.025 on beam... tucked dismount..same as fall Jamie waited a good 3 sec between jumps still got credit...9.3 she needed that. Thought they were overly
from an 865 phone number, Saturday, February 16, 7:06 PM

9.150 on floor 9.7 start value
from an 865 phone number, Saturday, February 16, 7:38 PM

8.975 bars...double casted once tay 8.3
from an 865 phone number, Saturday, February 16, 8:45 PM

Thanks to eight years of gymnastics training, I understand exactly what these text messages mean. Basically, Jamie is pretty talented. She didn't connect two of her jumps in her beam routine, which can lower the overall value of the routine (e.g. two jumps that are B moves can count as a C if they are connected, and depending on what level you're at, you're required to include a certain number of C elements in your routine). She also casted twice, instead of once, during her bars routine, and that's the sort of hesitation you get points off for. However, if she's doing a floor routine with a start value of 9.7, she must be pretty good. My routines never had start values above, like, 9.0.

DOESN'T THIS FASCINATE YOU? Like I said, I spent eight years of my life in discussions like this one. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT.

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