Friday, February 22, 2008

wright Hi sweetie
Just wanted to say hi Hope you r feeling
better. We r all still jealous! Love Mom The boys say hi.

from a 408 phone number, Sunday, February 3, 2:15 AM

Wright On R way to your house hope its a good
game. How R you feeling?

from a 408 phone number, Sunday, February 3, 4:47 PM

Wright Shit I sent the message be4 i was done
talk to you soon
Love Mom

from a 408 phone number, Sunday, February 3, 4:50 PM

Wright Wow what a game U WOULD OF BEEN

from a 408 phone number, Sunday, February 3, 11:05 PM

These texts confuse me. They're all from Leila's mother, but I don't know why they all start with the word "Wright." Leila appears to be feeling sort of sick ("How R you feeling," "Hope you r feeling better," etc). Leila's mother went to see a sports game in the evening, but Leila did not come (perhaps because she was feeling sick?). The sports game was very impressive, not least because of Angie's involvement. Maybe Angie is Leila's sister? Hard to say. And what sort of fun can Leila have tonight, given how sick she had been feeling? This one is a particularly tricky puzzle, I'm finding.


Jay said...

My guess on why those messages start with "Wright" is that they are being sent to Leila Wright. The sender is typing that name, the first word is resulting in the message being sent to you and the second is going into the message.

That would also explain the many messages that start with the word "cell." That's probably when someone types "Leila cell" intending for the message to go to the entry they have stored that way.

Liz said...

Here she is!

Leila said...


Jay, I think you're absolutely right, and that's incredibly clarifying for a number of these texts. I'm kind of embarrassed that I have been getting them for so long and never figured that out, when it was so readily apparent to you.

Liz, I think this is the first intended Leila that has ever been actually identified. I can't believe this is her. Is her hair real?

Liz said...

Since google/espn defines her as a "saber kitten," I'm assuming that is her real and carefully cultivated hair. She strikes me as the kind of girl who could be feeling sick and still planning to have "fun tonight."

That was some fun detective work!