Friday, February 22, 2008

hey its yafit omg alex was sitting on a bench and she was like its pizza sauce and it was blood and then she is like thats me and we were like eww it leak
from an 818 phone number, Tuesday, February 19, 7:43 PM

from an 818 phone number, Tuesday, February 19, 7:44 PM

Yafit, let me get this straight: Are you spreading the rumor that Alex had her period, and somehow her tampon was insufficient, and therefore she was leaking menstrual blood everywhere but trying to pass it off as pizza sauce? Regardless of the veracity of this story, you really shouldn't go around texting everyone about it. Do you want to destroy Alex's self-esteem forever?

I guess, probably, yeah. That is, as I recall, what middle school was all about.


trampoline said...

While reading this blog,I've felt that it needs to be accompanied by REM's Dead Letter Office - for the album title, mostly. Though this particular post seems much more "Everybody Hurts" to me...

Leila said...

It doesn't hurt to get your period... though it does hurt when Yafit spreads around vicious rumors about you. "Everybody hurts sometimes."