Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fwd: FWD: Tears may dry, Years may fly, but my love for my girl will never die. Send this to all ur girls! Incuding me.
from a 415 phone number, Monday, March 17, 7:28 PM

This MIGHT be a sort of sweet poem to send to your girlfriend-- and by "sweet," I probably mean "retarded"-- but it loses any redeeming qualities when it's forwarded to "all ur girls." "My love for my girl will never die, and by 'my girl,' I mean everyone in my contacts list with two X chromosomes"? No, I'm sorry, you get only ONE GIRL. That's the rules.

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Dmc584 said...

As much as I agree with the lame factor of this message it could be a text message meant from one female friend to another. I, being a girl, have a group of female friends that I call "my girls."

Or at least I'm hoping that's what the text means because otherwise the guy that sent that text is a deuche bag.